Who we are

Who we are?

Uber Trade Credit (UTC) is privately held with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. UTC has more than 100 years of experience in mitigating credit risk, assisting with banking relations, placing specialty commercial finance, and providing strategic consulting services for banking institutions and companies of all types and sizes.

We have a strong team of talent that includes industry experts and operational specialists in trade credit & political insurance, banking, private equity, corporate strategy for owners and operators of small to large enterprises.

Our strategy is simple, we provide an unmatched suite of services for our clients to grow safely and profitably. We assist our clients in solving problems, in order to mitigate credit risk, enhance credit management, obtain, increase or restructure current financing, and consult on ways to smartly and safely grow their businesses. Spend an hour with us and learn how to literally never get stiffed on a receivable again…and all the while help your bank love you all the more…we guarantee it!

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