commercial finance

Insure cash flow and growth in a safe and profitable way

commercial finance

Insure cash flow and growth in a safe and profitable way

Commercial Finance

These are the all too familiar issues we hear over and over from business owners and the very reason we started our business. Growing your business is hard enough and we are experts in solving these types of challenges.

We work with companies of all sizes and with all kinds of challenges. We partner with you to insure cash flow and growth in a safe and profitable way…and at a cost that’s fair and manageable.

We specialize in helping with Asset-Based Financing that puts instant cash in your pocket. Here’s how we do it.

Convert your Accounts Receivable into immediate CASH–We create a process where you get 80% of your approved receivables in cash NOW! (we can tell you very quickly what’s approved…it’s not a long drawn out process.)

Purchase Order / Accounts Payable Financing

When you buy product from your supplier negotiate better terms and access financing quickly without drawing on your bank line of credit. Think about it this way. Instead of asking your vendors for terms which drives up the price they charge you; negotiate with them instead for preferred pricing by paying cash immediately to them (we pay the cash upfront and it never hits your LOC at the bank…sweet!)

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Increase credit availability and business flexibility through customized loans secured by accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets. No longer do you ask the bank “Mother May I” and see if they will finance your needed purchase and wait weeks for an answer. We flip the process. We BUY it for you and then SELL it to you immediately on terms. Your only requirement it to keep yourself creditworthy. BTW, we help you get there and stay there too!

Export Working Capital Financing

In partnership with banks, we can help you expand your business internationally by obtaining much needed financing when selling to overseas buyers. If you’re like most, selling internationally increases risk and complexity…until now. We simplify the process and assist you with knowing IMMEDIATELY which customers are credit worthy and which you better change your terms on in order to NEVER GET STIFFED AGAIN! We’ll explain; it’s really quite simple and efficient. We can also help with Equipment Financing and Leasing, Real Estate Financing, Import Financing, Letters of Credit, along with other types of financing.

Here’s our promise: If after our first meeting you don’t think, “Wow, I wish I’d known of this company years ago!” then we’ll shake hands and won’t ever hassle you. That’s how confident we are in our skills and service offering. Call us or email us today.

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